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Journaling to Healing: A Journey to Finding Peace & Happiness Again

  • Congratulations on your purchasing of the “Journaling to Healing: A Journey to Finding Peace & Happiness Again”. This journal includes healing affirmations, reflective journal prompts and affirmation tips. My faith and prayer that you will use this reflective journal to learn more about yourself and to face the road ahead with courage and strength. When we are faced with something as painful as hurt, a loss, disappointment, betrayal, and/or embarrassment, what we fill our mind with really matters. In fact, it can mean the difference between starting to heal or staying stuck in anger, depression, anxiety, and/or pain. That’s why using positive affirmations can be such an important part of your healing. Once we’ve been betrayed by someone we love, a friend or lost a love one, our mind tends to go to places that are negative. There is also a tendency to lose sight of our inner strength and self-worth because hurt and pain is so crushing to our spirt. This journal is designed to help you overcome those feelings.

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