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Invest in Yourself
For a Brighter Future

At Sunshine Inspiration Health and Life Coaching, NONE of the coaches will do the work for you. They will guide you, hold you accountable, but you will need to commit to putting the effort into executing your plan or goals. If you do not commit to doing the work, then you will not be successful in reaching your goals. We will offer practical strategies and tools..........


Complimentary Session

During the 15 minute complimentary consultation:


You will share with the coach who you are and what you are trying to accomplish

You will learn what coaching is and how coaching can help you

You will learn how you and The Sunshine Coach will work together

Ask any questions that you might have about life coaching, such as what to expect, what the process is


What is my Purpose?

30-minute private phone or skype session.

Work together to gain clarity of what you are trying to accomplish at the moment


Find Your Sunshine

60-minute life or business coaching by phone or skype.

Identify the patterns/things that are keeping you stuck

Begin to lay the foundation for your personalized plan

This session will help you see what it is like to work with us

Leave each session with a clear action plan


The Vision Board Party

Packages Varies depending on Event, Party, Empowerment Session, number of investors


Self Care Wellness Retreat

Educating on how to care for your body and mind by providing a comfortable space to implement daily habits of health and wellness. It's a space where you as a community of women can help one another cultivate your womanhood, celebrate your unique talents, and ultimately leave the retreat feeling empowering to make self care a priority.


Journal Writing

After completion of an assessment, weekly journaling with exercise, tools and feedback to support you to shine


Your Shine to Success

9-Private phone coaching sessions (45 minutes each) with a coach

One weekly call to help you stay on track

Work together to gain clarity of what you are trying to accomplish or get one special topic training session

Weekly Journaling

Exercise and tools

9 weeks of email support

Coaching session valid for 6 months from the booking date to complete package


Keys to Shine to Success

You will work with a Life Coach for 2 months

9-Private One-on-One Phone sessions (up to 60 minutes each with a coach)

Two, 10 minute short phone sessions-You would use these sessions when you have a quick question or two.

Weekly journaling

We help you build and develop a solid plan and help carry it through

Will share with you tools and activities that may help improve your life

Ask questions and will receive personalized answers

Email access for the length of your coaching session

Coaching session valid for 6 months from the booking date to complete package


Self-Care Empowerment Sessions

Minimum 5 people but no more than 15 people required to conduct a group session-The group session can either be done by phone or desired location per client (travel fees not included)

Group sessions can be on self-care, empowerment, weight loss, fitness, parenting, relationships or anything about life.

Group session will be up to 2.5 hours long

4 Retreats a month (price not included)

1 Annual Retreat

EmpowerHer Saturday’s 

Free Admission to Weekly Sunshine Inspirations Self-Care Empowerment Sessions(TBA)

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